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Support/Repair instructions

Repair instructions

Users need contact the technical personnel of SunlyTech, confirm the product must return to factory maintenance, fill the maintenance document by staff provided, maintenance document must be sent back to manufacturers with product together, and the flight control of repair for 7-10 days, special circumstances may be extended.If the customer does not contact the SunlyTech technical staff or dealers and without authorization to send back the product caused by the loss, the manufacturers are not responsible for this.

Repair process

In the case of product failure, please contact technical support in advance to determine the quality of the product after the issue of the following process to return:


Alpha CAM smart camera drone


APP fault (3 working days)

Initial failure assessment and verification

Fill out the repair order and send it back to the factory with the product

Click to download "repair orders"

Track analysis for 3 working days

Confirm whether to return to factory

Received repair product

4 working days to complete the maintenance, special circumstances extended

Complete the repair


Maintenance Note:

1、the maintenance process may result in user data loss, please return the data before the backup.

2、Product parts or any one or more parts that have been replaced during the repair process will be taken back by SunlyTech Service or Service Organization and will be entitled to ownership.

3、For more than the warranty period and free repair service range of products, SunlyTech will be in accordance with "paid maintenance service charges" implementation. Sunlytech will receive technical repairs and reports and repair quotations upon receipt of the returned product. The customer will pay for the inspection, labor, replacement parts, testing and maintenance related charges for product maintenance. If you refuse to pay, SunlyTech reserves the right to suspend your service without payment of the service fee, and you will be responsible for the consequences. In the product warranty period, such as the customer to give up product repairs, need to pay maintenance goods from the courier. In the product warranty period, the customer will need to pay product testing fees and maintenance of goods from the courier.

Returns service and courier policy:

1、For courier pieces, SunlyTech does not accept the payment is after get the express piece.

2、The user after the service, the need to consult SunlyTech customer service personnel in advance to confirm the product needs to be sent back to the test and inform the relevant courier information. SunlyTech will not accept the product if it has not been informed in advance or has not been returned by SunlyTech's customer service personnel.

3、The user returns the product to be paid in advance of the courier costs, this part of the cost of the following conditions will determine whether the refund:

a)the user returns the conditions in line with the after-sales service and send the product, this part of the postage paid by SunlyTech.

b)SunlyTech will send out the corresponding products after SuningTech's return service, which will be paid by SunlyTech.

C) If the address to fill in the wrong, no one sign for a long time caused by additional costs, labor costs or express loss, the user bear the corresponding responsibility.

Special Note:

If the customer does not contact SunlyTech's technical personnel or the distributor, and the product is sent back to the manufacturer, the manufacturer will not be responsible.