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Support/After-sales service and warranty terms

SunlyTech strictly abides by the relevant laws and regulations of China to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, clear the relevant provisions of the repair, replacement, return, for the relevant products, seriously perform repairs, replacements and returns responsibility and obligation. Since the date of sale the product problems, by virtue of product purchased invoices or other proof of purchase can enjoy the following services:

The date of sale(the date of receipt) Your rights
7 days free return Return、replacement or warranty

Within 7 days after receipt of the goods, you will find that the performance failure as stipulated by the National Consumer Protection Law has been discovered, and the technician of the distributor or manufacturer confirms the failure of the failure and non-human destruction.;

Since you receive the goods within 7 days, the product without manufacturing defects, product packaging, accessories, gifts, manual complete, and no man-made damage, not activated to use, does not affect the second sale.

We have the right to reject the customer's return request if:

1)Since the date of receipt of the goods, more than 7 days after submit return request.

2)Incomplete return of goods, packaging, accessories, gifts, instructions incomplete, or appearance of man-made causes of damage;

3)Returns cannot provide legal purchase of documents or documents, or forged documents, altered.

4)The product is tested by SunlyTech's technical support department and does not inherently have quality problems.

5)Non-product quality problems caused by the collision, burnt, and unauthorized repair, alteration, destruction, alteration; mandatory product certification mark, instructions label, waterproof tamper mark, machine serial number, etc. difficult to restore the appearance of the original Use traces, or generate personal use of data retention traces of data types.

6)Products into the foreign body (water, oil, sand, etc.), incorrect use, not according to the instructions to guide the use and operation of goods caused by the problem.

7)Due to unavoidable factors, such as fire, flood, lightning, traffic accidents and other irresistible force damage to the product.

8)After contacting SunlyTech and confirming the return service, does not ship in 7 days.

The date of sale(the date of receipt) Your rights
15 days free replace product Replacement、free warranty

Since you receive the products within 15 days, if product occurs a national consumer protection law formulary product performance problem, the dealer or factory technical staff confirmed the existence of product problem, it is non-human damage performance failure, and you can choose replace product or free warranty.

The following situation that we have the right to refuse the customer requests replace product:

1)Over than 15 days and apply replace product.

2)Cannot provide the legitimate purchase vouchers or documents, or forges or alters the documents when submit the application of replacement.

3)Incomplete product, external packaging, accessories, gifts and manual are not complete, or the appearance of man-made causes damage.

4)The technical support department of SunlyTech confirms product has no quality problems

5)The collision and the resulting non product quality problems is burned, as well as the man-made, unauthorized modification of products into foreign bodies (water, oil, sand, etc.), product quality problems caused by improper installation and use and operation guidance according to the instructions.

6)Torn and altered labels, machine serial number, waterproof mark, anti-counterfeit labels.

7)Due to unavoidable factors, such as fire, flood, lightning, traffic accidents and other irresistible force damage to the product.

8)Contact SunlyTech and confirm the replacement service, does not in 7 days sent the corresponding product.

9)Due to damage caused by transport cargo, the proposed replacement of the products but failed to provide the cargo damage certificate issued by the transportation company.

Apply for warranty service:

In the product warranty period occur product performance problem; you can apply for product warranty service. The warranty period table for major components is shown below:

Part Name Warranty Period
Motherboard and other circuit boards 1 year
Camera 6 months
Motor 6 months
Charger 6 months
Batteries, blades, body shell non-warranty

Description: Product warranty period starting date to purchase invoice issued date or other valid purchase certificate record date shall prevail, Apply for warranty or pay maintenance Please fill out the after-sales service and contact customer service.

Free warranty service must meet the following conditions

Since the purchase of products within the specified product warranty period of normal use, the emergence of non-human performance failure of the product.

Without disassemble and modify or install other equipment, and other non-human-induced failure.

Machine serial number, factory labels and other signs without tearing and altered signs.

Provide a valid proof of purchase, documents.

The following conditions do not belong to the case of free product warranty service

a.The occurrence of man-made non-product quality problems caused by the collision, burning accident.

b.Non-official instructions to guide the unauthorized conversion, dismantling, open shell and other acts caused damage.

c.The product is analyzed by flooding, no warranty.

d.Damage caused by improper installation, assembly, alteration, use and operation as directed by the instruction manual.

e.Damage caused by the customer's own repair of the assembly without official instructions.

f. Batteries and blades are consumables and are not covered by warranty.

g.Failure to follow all instructions for operation and damage caused by shooting.

h.In the harsh environment to control the damage caused, such as wind, rain, dust and so on. In the electromagnetic environment is complex or strong interference source control environment damage, such as mines, towers, high-voltage lines, substations, and other wireless devices interfere with the case of damage caused by such as transmitters, map signals, Wi- Fi signal interference.

i.Damage caused by takeoff over safety takeoff weight.

j.Inability to provide relevant video or other evidence to determine the analysis, no warranty. K. Damage caused by reliability and compatibility issues when used in conjunction with non-SunlyTech-certified third-party parts.

k.Damage caused by reliability and compatibility issues when used in conjunction with non-SunlyTech-certified third-party parts.

l.In the low battery, or the use of quality problems caused by insufficient battery discharge caused by damage.

m. In any case, you and other people are not guaranteed personal or other property directly or indirectly, the loss and damage.

n.Contacting customer service After confirming the warranty service, the corresponding items are not delivered within 7 days.

Warranty Information

1. Different countries to buy products, in view of product differences, warranty returns and warranty services will be different. For details, please

2.The product sent to SunlyTech that you should bear the cost of transportation first.

3.The user needs to send the product back to factory, SunlyTech authorized dealers or SunlyTech after-sales service center received the problem machine that will be fault detection to determine the responsibility of the problem. If the quality of the product itself is defective, SunlyTech is responsible for testing fees, materials, labor costs and courier fees.

4.If through tested, the product does not meet the free maintenance conditions, the customer can choose to pay maintenance or the original machine back.

5.If the machine is not within the scope of the warranty (such as man-induced damage to the machine), we will be charged based on specific testing costs, replacement parts costs, testing fees, labor costs and courier.

6.Because the maintenance process may cause the user's data loss, please return the data before the send product back.

7.In view of the product version differences, the product does not support the global UNPROFOR, only in SunlyTech designated regional service center warranty service. If you need to maintain the designated repair center in the non-purchase area, SunlyTech will handle the local inventory situation, and only provide payment services.

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