Service & Support


1、What’s the operation range of Alpha CAM?

The operation distance is up to 100 meters (about 328 feet) in open areas without interference.

2、What is the maximum altitude of Alpha CAM?

Alpha CAM can go up to 50 meters (about 164 feet) in GPS mode. Users need to fly drones within the permitted height set by national and local laws and regulations. The maximum height is 3 meters under indoor optical flow ultrasonic positioning; the height controlled at around 2 meters is preferred.

3、How long time should charge for each battery of Alpha CAM?

Users use the standard power adapter and charger for charging, about 40 minutes to complete a charge; when use mobile power charging, the time depends on mobile power brand and model, so the charging time will be increased or decreased.

4、What is the number of frames of Alpha CAM video recording?

Alpha CAM support 1080 P-30FPS of video recording.

5、Can user use Alpha CAM in the absence of wireless network environment?

When users use Alpha CAM, it connect the Wi-Fi signal from the Wi-Fi transmitter on the Alpha CAM drone through the mobile phone, reach the signal control and transmit the video or picture, it doesn’t need the Wi-Fi.

6、When occurs the low battery moment, does Alpha CAM can automatically landing?

When the remaining power of the Alpha CAM battery is less than 20% and the APP shows the battery power is one cell then Alpha CAM will auto landing.

7、After user use mobile phone to download the information, does the photos or videos still exist inside the drone?

The drone saved the video and photos taken, in addition to non-human to delete, it will continue to save.

8、If Alpha CAM in the course of the flight did not receive any operating instructions for a long time, what is the status will Alpha CAM begin?

During the flight, when the Alpha CAM and mobile phone in the connection state and did not receive new instructions, Alpha CAM will be in the hover flight until the battery is low then auto landing; if Alpha CAM and mobile phone disconnected, will be located by GPS automatic return or auto landing under optical flow ultrasonic positioning status.

9、Does the Alpha CAM camera can operate when the power is turned on and is not flying?

Alpha CAM and SUNLY TECH APP can be successfully connected to take pictures without necessarily in the flight state.

10、What environment will affect the GPS search signal?

1、the weather is bad, such as wind, rain, snow, and other similar weather;

2、Tall building - intensive;

3、near the high-voltage line;

4、the Arctic Circle.